60-minute Introductory Meeting

Every interested family will get to know Apply Yourself Educational Consulting (AYEC) and my college advising philosophy in a one hour, complimentary meeting. In this meeting, I will deep-dive into the ins and outs of college advising to ensure parents and students have an understanding of the tasks, goals, and expectations from 9th through 12th grades. This session will conclude with time for questions and answers to ensure that everyone has a comprehensive understanding of the college advising journey.

Strategic Services Package

The vast majority of AYEC’s clients opt for the most comprehensive support package: the Strategic Services Package. This all-inclusive option covers the entirety of the student’s high school journey, including all aspects of college admissions planning and the application process, beginning as early as 9th grade. This unlimited package includes (but is not limited to) the following customized components:

High School Advising

  • Unlimited, one-on-one meetings with student and families throughout high school and the application process
  • Development of Annual Action Plans encompassing: course selection, extracurricular activities, testing schedules, and summer plans  
  • Creation of a personal narrative that focuses on maximizing high school opportunities, personal growth and college preparation
  • Continuous review of academic record and progress

College Advising

  • In-depth of student and parent interviews about college preferences 
  • Preparation of a college list uniquely tailored to the student (including options for "foundation, target, and reach" colleges)
  • College research methodology that guides students to identify "best fit" colleges
  • Access to cloud-based College Planner Pro to manage all aspects of the college admissions process
  • Refinement of choices using AYEC’s unique college guidance and research tools

Applying to Colleges

  • Consultation on EA/REA/ED options
  • Guidance on maximizing college visits and college fairs
  • College interview preparation and practice
  • Guidance on teacher and counselor recommendations
  • Preparation of resume to be included with college applications
  • Oversight and management of all application deadlines and requirements
  • Application review: all applications are reviewed extensively prior to submitting any materials to any colleges
  • Advice on final college selection

Extensive Essay guidance and support

  • Use of AYEC Essay Methodology:
    • Brainstorming: Immersive exercises and discussions to help student select unique and compelling essay topics
    • Topic Development: Identify and discuss potential topics, refine targeted topic; outline and direct essay content
    • Essay Review: Extensive, collaborative editing with student to ensure essay meets the application goals while retaining student's voice and perspective
    • Professional Essay Editing (final stage): All essays are reviewed by a professional editor to ensure flow, spelling, grammar, sentence structure, and readability

Hourly Consulting Services

Apply Yourself Educational Consulting is available for hourly consultation
services to provide information and advice on all phases of the college admissions process and to assist with college applications and essays. Hourly Consulting Services are provided on an "as available" basis.