What is the typical student profile you work with?

AYEC has worked with students applying to a wide range of colleges from community colleges to Ivy league. Our “best fit” approach focuses on the unique needs of the student and family to identify colleges that are ideal for his or her circumstances.

When do I need to get started with college advising?

AYEC will start with students as early as 8th grade. However, many clients start with us later, up to 11th or 12th grades.

Will you work with students only applying to public universities in the state of Florida?

Yes, AYEC offers a special package and pricing for students who are committed to only applying to public universities in Florida. If the family is uncertain about whether or not the child will apply only in-state or will look comprehensively around the U.S., we will work closely with the family to find the right package and approach.

What differentiates AYEC from its competitors?

AYEC is a “boutique” college advising firm that focuses on individualized college consulting services. AYEC’s “high touch” approach and small client roster ensures that each client has access to Naomi’s expertise whenever needed. All college advising services are delivered by Naomi, and AYEC emphasizes a strong relationship between Naomi and the student and parents.

What is your fee structure?

This answer depends on the student’s and the family’s needs.
Please contact 561-241-4266 for additional information.


Do you work on an hourly basis?

AYEC does provide hourly services in specific circumstances. Please contact 561-241-4266 for additional information.

Does AYEC offer SAT/ACT/SAT II tutoring?

No. Naomi works closely with tutors in the area and recommends tutors who are best suited to your needs.

Where are your offices? Do you meet in our home?

AYEC’s offices are in Boca Center (on Military in between Palmetto Park Road and Glades road). All meetings are held in these offices.